Curriculum Beliefs

Our school designs its curriculum based on the ‘Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide’ compiled by the Hong Kong Curriculum Development Council. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on using games as a teaching strategy and focuses on cultivating students’ moral education. We prioritize students’ cognitive and skill development while also fostering the development of their correct values and unlocking their potential in various areas.

Additionally, our school has dedicated Putonghua Instructor and English tutors who provide language instruction to our students. This approach allows students to learn Mandarin and English in their daily lives, enhancing their interest and proficiency in multiple languages. By doing so, we aim to better prepare our students for the future multilingual society.

Our school emphasizes the learning process of children’s sensory learning and personal experience, and utilizes theme-based learning and project research as the primary teaching model. Toddlers in the preschool years have sensitive and active senses, and they explore the world through touch, hearing, sight, taste, and smell. Teachers design a variety of rich sensory activities to inspire children’s interest in learning. Children frequently engage in activities such as making seasonal food, exploring the community and nature, observing changes in their surroundings, and actively practicing new skills. Through these experiences, children construct new knowledge and transform their feelings into language and concepts, fostering independence and cultivating them as lifelong learners.