Moral and Civic Education

Our school strives to offer students balanced learning opportunities in the five aspects of development, namely moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic, among which moral education is deemed to be our core program. Our school has an annual moral theme which covers our year-round programs with an aim to reinforcing character building of our students, enhancing their sense of civic responsibility and developing their moral sense and civic awareness. We hope that students will be able to build positive characters in their daily lives. The contents of our moral education include the advocacy and promotion of filial piety, courtesy, environmental protection, gratitude, etc. We hope that students, in addition to being academically well-qualified, will be given an opportunity to learn the traditional Chinese values, so that they can build up a positive value system and way of thinking in their early childhood. It is also hoped that they will have a caring heart and their sense of civic responsibility and contribution can be cultivated.

20-21 Moral Theme "The Positive Companion"

18-19 Moral Theme "Playtimes with Kids"

17-18 Moral Theme "Children's Arts in China"

16-17 Moral Theme "Happy Home Loving Home"

15-16 Moral Theme "See the World through Grateful Eyes"