Home-School Cooperation

To help build up our children’s confidence, responsibility and ability to look after themselves, we encourage parents to take part in voluntary school work and assist in activities such as outings, library services , general schoolwork as well as community-assisted activities. This not only free our teachers to spend additional time with the students, but also helps create for the children a sense of belonging with the school. Another benefit is that it allows parents and the school to maintain effective communication. Apart from the these activities, our school also holds meetings and tea gatherings with parents, publishes school handbooks and parenting handbooks, and keeps in close contact with parents by phone and face to face meetings. All these allow teachers and parents to have a clearer picture of the learning and living conditions of children both at school and at home.

Parents’ Meeting

Parent Volunteer Group

Parent Volunteer Service

Orientation Gathering for Parent Volunteers

School Social Work Service

Inter-school Family Fun Day